produce a one-woman show about how to live a life you really love. Anna Stassis


Competed in
Cycle 5


  • Share how to overcome pain and loss.
  • Share how to transition into a life of joy.
  • Share how to find and follow the path to a life you love.


"The Secret Life of Anna" is based on the true story of my own personal journey from constant stress, exhaustion, and fear of loss - to daily peace, joy, and meaning.  This story will be told as a one-woman theatre show that incorporates true life travelogue videos recorded over the past ten years.  Part theatre, part documentary film, all truth, this is a story about how to make the scary choices that lead to true fulfillment, through a courage that can only come from knowing how to listen to life.  It is a story that provides the practical how-to's for creating a life you love, while at the same time redefining practicality.   

Community Benefit

The most direct benefit to the community is an increased understanding of how to approach the emotional trials of life in a way that ultimately results in extraordinarily positive personal emotional transformation. An additional aspect to this project is the concurrent development of an interactive online membership site, which audience members will be invited to join in order to either share their own stories of how they came to live a life they now love, or to read about how others have done so. The videos and monologues from the play will be posted in the form of content for an online blog within the site, and there will be other regular contributions from both myself and key selected contributors, to facilitate the online discussion. In this way, there is a built-in online platform for follow-up engagement between myself and audience members who have been inspired or touched through the topics and experiences described in the show. The site will also be used for fundraising.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: This budget does not cover the costs of writing the script. It also does not cover the costs of touring the production. These required funds will be procured from other funding sources.
$ 17,000 Towards the professional fees of required staff.
$ 8,000 To develop the online community for follow-up discourse & fundraising.

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