Anxiety Disorders Association of Canada

support Anxiety Canada in helping students with anxiety disordersAnxiety Disorders Association of Canada


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Cycle 6


  • Raise awareness of anxiety disorders in university-age populations
  • Identify 10 Canadian Colleges, Cegeps and Universities in need
  • Organize Anxiety Disorders Awareness Evenings at schools
  • Develop bilingual Support Group Training Package and tool kits
  • Implement a support group in every Student Zone Member School

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Our main goal is to raise awareness of anxiety disorders in university-age populations. To achieve this goal we will implement a support group in 10 Canadian Colleges, Cegeps and Universities in need. We will partner with local provincial anxiety disorders associations and existing anxiety support groups to create a user-friendly support group leader training package. We will work with university student services and student associations to find on-campus meeting rooms and identify promotion strategies. With the help the ADAC Scientific Advisory Committee we will identify and hire top student counselors looking to expand their learning and hands-on work experience. We will hire a Student Zone Project Coordinator to oversee the project. Each project will be launched with a no-cost Anxiety Disorders Awareness Evening held on-campus and open to students and the general public.

Community Benefit

Anxiety disorders are the number one mental health challenge facing young Canadians today. The time when people are at most risk of developing an anxiety disorder is during their college and university studies. Left untreated, anxiety disorders tend to carry on well into adult life. This can cause missed opportunities for young men and women in education, work and social situations. Despite this, anxiety disorders are highly treatable. The Student Zone was created with this in mind. It is our belief that giving people information about anxiety disorders is not enough. We want to create a safe place for students to discuss their issues and for them to see that they are not alone. Waiting lists to see psychiatrists are anywhere from six months to a year and most students do not have the financial means to pay a psychologist for treatment. We need to have additional spaces for people to share their experiences and see improvements to their mental health.

How will the $25K be used?

$ 2,500 Development: Team travel and support expenses
$ 2,000 Production: Support Group Leader Training package
$ 5,000 Launch: 10 Speakers honorariums and travel
$ 7,500 Coordinator: Portion of salary attributed to this phase
$ 3,000 Coordinator travel: To launch events
$ 1,500 Leader Training
$ 2,500 Leaders: Salaries
$ 1,000 Marketing and P.R.: Launch posters, news releases

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