Refresh an online collective for Canadian artists to sell their art. Artistically Connected


Competed in
Cycle 2


  • To become the number one resource for art
  • To enable artists sell their work on-line
  • To recieve media support and attention for our national talent
  • To bring out the creative side in everyone and to support artists
  • To make art accessible to everyone & to increase overall appreciation



Project Summary:
At the moment I am working on establishing specific partnerships to raise the profile of Artistically Connected, however much of my time is spent on managing artist profiles within the website - which is very time consuming. The money from this grant would be used to re-develop a part of the website to automate this process and to empower artists to manage their own stores (profiles/pages) to display as they wish. This would enable them to have their own pages while benefiting from the awareness and brand of the community -

To date, Artistically Connected has had several events and there are over 30 artists currently showing their work on the site. Thousands have expressed interest, but want a website they can manage themselves.


- revamp website to accomodate over 1000 artists
- to have 1 large art event that garners media attention nationally
- to become well known as a great source for art by home owners and businesses

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: The budget will not cover 1. The cost of the venue (already organized) 2. The cost of the media release (already organized)
$ 16,000 website refinement
$ 7,000 marketing
$ 2,000 event

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