Create a job agency to guide people to a better future.Anwar and Stephanie


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  • Help people gain employment
  • Guide people to the right path of success


The main reason why we chose a job agency to make a change, would be because of the experiences we went through when we were younger and the unsuccessful employment stories of our society. Our project consists of selecting 15-20 people between the ages of 16 and 22. We will be scheduling workshops for the subjects of; setting up business emails, having leadership classes, and gaining workplace skills. We will take initiative to understand people that we are working with to not only gain chemistry, but assign them to the right workplace to set up long term goals. We will help assist people that are in need with a grant until their first employment pay cheque. It will be assessed on the basic needs to live such as transportation costs, food, and interview attire. We hope that our program will be an inspiration to the people we helped assist and hope that they will put their best foot forward when it comes for someone else in need of help. We plan on refreshing the world.

Community Benefit

What we do is all for the community. We strive to actually help our society because we have been in the same situations or experiences as others. We have felt the same feeling that you have; no one to go to for help, and no one to guide you back to reality. We are going to become those people who put our best foot forward to help change the lives of others and guide them to success. It will help the people that are in need to know that there is someone here to help and that they are not alone. Our program will be beneficial because they will receive employment and gain a milestone in life and start their own goals in life to achieve.

How will the $5K be used?

$ 3,750 Guidence
$ 800 Marketing
$ 450 Food/Snack

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