Create a web community to raise funds to cure autism.Jerome Languirand


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  • - Finally identify how many children in Canada suffer from ASD
  • - Create a web community that will raise funds used for ASD research
  • - Become a central information hub and portal for all caregivers


As unbelievable as this may sound, in 2011, we still are not quite certain how many children suffer from ASDs (Autism Spectrum Disorders) in Canada.  Estimates are all over the map ranging anywhere from 100,000 to 300,000 children afflicted.

According to the Autism Society of Canada, epidemiological studies are still at the earliest of stages.  Surveillance and research are desperately needed to obtain precise, quantitative  data on the prevalence of ASDs in this country. We do know that ASDs are the most  common form of any neurological disorder and children developmental disability.

This project has 3 main goals: - Quantify how many children suffer from ASDs in Canada. - Provide a central  hub/portal/community where parents, caregivers and loved ones may access the broadest, most comprehensive information and knowledge base available on the subject of ASDs. - Create a fund-raising engine to fund research to find a cure for ASDs.

Community Benefit

- The entire nation will finally have a very precise, quantified notion of how prevalent ASDs are in Canada and at what rate the problem is growing. If we track the results demonstrated by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) in the United States, the problem is getting seriously out of hand. As of December 2009, the CDC was enumerating 1 out of every 110 children as being affected by an ASD. The CDC is preparing to revise that number at an alarming 1 in 80 children. This world wide trend may have an equivalent in Canada and if so, we must become aware and responsive to this issue, for the sake of our children. - Parents, caregivers and all those who care about children affected by ASDs will finally have a "One Stop" source of information on all subject matter related to ASDs. - The creation of a centralized hub/portal/virtual community will enable parents, caregivers and all those who care about children affected by ASDs to share knowledge, information, empathy and support.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: This is a preliminary budget and amounts may vary depending on circumstantial occurrences.
$ 60,000 SALARIES

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