provide FREE services for abused kids:transforming scary to EMPOWERINGCameray Child and Family Victim Services


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Cycle 5


  • To provide an advocate for every child in the court system
  • To support 100 children and their families by June 2011
  • To give kids the tools to heal and empower themselves in their lives
  • To update court day resources for the kids
  • To promote our services to schools and youth groups once a month


The "I've Got The Power" Victim Services project will ensure two main goals are achieved. The first is to reduce and manage anxiety that may arise from testifying, and second to empower children in telling their story. This is our opportunity to GIVE KIDS THE POWER they may have lost as a result of the crime, and empower them to become STRONGER individuals in this society, who can INSPIRE others around them to seek help as well.

Our Victim Support Program supports 50 families a year and are rapidly expanding due to the growing need. Here, in our wicked-awesome-child-friendly facility, kids tell their story to an advocate who walks the family through the entire process, gives them referrals for treatment and counselling, and accompanies the child to court.


  • 100 families are receiving FREE services
  • Children are reporting an increase in courage, power and full self expression! (reported by surveys)
  • Cameray is creating a profound and lasting imprint in the lives of children.

Community Benefit

We offer our services FREE OF CHARGE! Cameray believes that every child and family deserves access to services that aim to heal and support, and since the neighbourhoods that we service are often economically-challenged, we can provide them with a place to go, where they will be given the attention and support that they require. The kids can rely on our space to be warm and welcoming where they can heal areas of themselves that have been hurt, often beyond repair. We work with parents as well to create a team of people who can ensure that these kids receive all the love and care the world can offer, and enabling the growth of these kids into wonderful human beings.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Court Day Resources can include: Toys and activity items for kids to keep them busy Parking and travel costs incurred by the worker and clients Resources to teach kids about court Snacks for the clients Promotional material can include: Handouts, posters, speakers, videos
$ 5,000 Court Day Resources for clients (travel, toys, meals)
$ 2,500 Administrative Costs
$ 2,500 Promotional material for school presentations
$ 15,000 Salary for PT advocate

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