Build a nationwide website to promote Local Artisans & Craft


Competed in
Cycle 2


  • To help communities support their local artisans across Canada.
  • To promote craft sales, markets and more to their communities.

Overview was founded primarily to help communities discover the local artists, craft people and makers of all things handmade that surround them.  It will be used to promote these tallented artizans within their most tangible market - their local community.  It will help the public have easier access to their work online or at the site's many listed venues such as craft sales, farmer's markets, festivals, studio open houses and more.  By promoting local talent, Cartizan aims to help people keep their money local and their communities healthy. is has recently launched in it's founding region; Manitoba, though more development is currently underway.  With the Pepsi Refresh Grant it's services will expand into Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC.  Once these are established, it will continue into Ontario, Quebec, the Maritimes and even the Northern Territories.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Canada has been divided into 20 regions based on population and geographical size. Eg, Region 1: Vancouver & Victoria, Region 2: BC Interior, Region 3: Calgary & southern Alberta, etc.
$ 2,500 Final Development of Manitoba website
$ 4,500 Expansion of Site Nationally
$ 9,500 Regional Rep Data Collection (approx. $500/region x 19)
$ 8,500 Regional Venue Partnering and Promo (approx. $425/region x 20)

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