Give 1500 books-CD to Centre-du-Québec childrenCaroline Langevin


Competed in
Cycle 5


  • The distribution of 1500 books-CD to children of the Centre-du-Québec
  • The special creation of this book with a music CD


My project aims to deliver 1500 books to children in the region. Written as poetry, the story features an endearing animal faced with a problem. With help, he will find a way to overcome these problems and push the youngsters to increase their self confidence and learn to persevere despite obstacles.
In addition, the book comes with a music CD, which will stimulate language,  memory, creativity and much more.
While having outstanding teaching qualities, the book remains fundamentally playful, allowing these 1500 children to spend a pleasant moment during shared reading. But it is also about a tool helping them in their personal development.

Community Benefit

The project offers an educational tool to help young people across several areas of development, especially academic achievement. At Central du Quebec, 30% of young kids leave the school system without a diploma. By offering them this book, these 1500 children will see their reading abilities increase and their ability to get good grades in all subjects. In addition, the book provides an opportunity for parents or educators to discuss children's self-esteem and fears, and find ways to confront them. The book also offers several tools for parents and educators to help with child development. In the long run, those simple steps will be beneficial to the community because the children would have increased their chances to graduate and have better social skills.

How will the $5K be used?

$ 3,000 Design and printing of the book
$ 2,000 Design and manufacture of CD

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