open a permanent all-ages music venue/rehearsal hall in Charlottetown.Charlottetown Music Development


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  • Provide a location for people to practice and rehearse music.
  • Provide professional equipment to people who can't afford to buy it.
  • Provide a permanent venue location for local and touring acts.
  • To help out in youth culture any way I can to make my town better.


Charlottetown Music Development will provide a stable location for local and touring acts to play to the all-ages music crowd in Charlottetown. It will also be fully equipped with quality gear for musicians and bands to rent per-hour as a rehearsal studio during the day. The location can also be able to provide on the spot live-recording, and live online broadcasts of music events. It will inspire bands to form, collaborate and grow. New musicians will emerge and the music community as well as the company will thrive. 

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: There are many items I already have prepared that this budget would not need to be used for.
$ 1,500 Two 4x12 guitar cabs.
$ 1,000 Two sets of monitors and cables for them.
$ 500 Lighting equipment.
$ 1,000 New mixing console.
$ 350 Website and logo design.
$ 1,000 Initial insurance fees.
$ 500 Extra microphones cables and stands.
$ 2,000 Soundproofing and construction.
$ 1,500 Quality drum kit.
$ 400 Paint and supplies.
$ 250 Small accessory stock.

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