Renovate the community theatre in Gibsons, BCThe Gibsons Cinema


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  • To purchase new seating
  • To upgrade the cinema to Digital projection
  • To bring the building up to current safety standards



Project Summary
The Cinema revitalization project is designed to enable the cinema to continue to contribute to the community of Gibsons, BC by offering entertainment and cultural events to residents, and promotional and fundraising opportunities to local businesses and charities.

1. NEW SEATING.  The current cinema seating is over 20 years old.  The seats were originally lecture-hall seats, and do not have cup holders or sufficient padding. 

2. NEW PROJECTORS.  The current 35mm projectors date from the early 1930's, and although still reliable, will soon be obsolete.  Without new digital projectors, the cinema may not be able to continue to show movies as 35mm technology is phased out by the major studios over the coming years.

3. FIRE & SAFETY UPGRADES. The cinema operates in an almost 50-year old building.  Some of the fire exit doors and emergency lighting systems need to be upgraded to modern standards.

Community Benefit

The Gibsons Cinema is a vital component of the community. Not only does it offer much-needed entertainment for all age groups, but it also offers a unique promotional tool for local businesses and charities. When used to it’s fullest potential, the cinema can help to promote local businesses, which helps to create jobs in our town, and it can also raise money for worthwhile causes within the community, which makes our town better for everyone. The Gibsons Cinema is also part of the larger community offering that helps draw new residents to the coast and helps keep existing residents from moving away. If the cinema was to cease operating, it would be one less reason for new people to move here, and one more reason for current residents to move away, so a healthy cinema is very important to the longterm sustainability and growth of our community. This project will help ensure the survival of the cinema for the benefit of the community, it's residents, businesses, and local charities.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The total project is expected to cost between $125,000 - $140,000. The shortfall will be funded by a bank loan which has already been approved. Actual projector costs are expected to be $95,000-$100,000.
$ 30,000 New seating
$ 65,000 Digital projector upgrade
$ 5,000 Upgrade building to current safety standards

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