Fund Songwriter-in-Residence program for a mentor & junior songwriter CKUA Radio Network


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Cycle 5


  • Establish Songwriter-in-Residence program
  • Select 2 successful applicants: mentor & junior songwriter
  • Provide resources to further their songwriting
  • Track their collaboration and individual work with on-air segments


The CKUA Songwriter-in-Residence Program would strive to advance the careers of Alberta songwriters by providing them with time to compose during a nine-month residency program. CKUA proposes to offer two Songwriter-in-Residence positions in the autumn of 2011:  one for a mature singer/songwriter, in the prime of his/her career, and one for an emerging /developing artist. The two will regularly work alone, and will also collaborate. Those selected should be onsite at CKUA three days a month. By the end of the residency, the songwriters will be expected to have written, composed and produced several songs, ideally leading to an album of material.  Copyrights to the material will be the property of the writers.  Songwriters-in-Residence will be chosen based on their ability and enthusiasm for this project, which aims to hone their skills in composing, producing, and performing live songs and connecting music with an audience.

Community Benefit

It enriches the Albertan and Canadian cultural scenes by teaming a performer at the peak of his/her career with a promising newcomer. The successful candidates will work alone and together and will be available for community outreach opportunities. Arts cutbacks are having an impact on the artists and musicians who are most vulnerable. By increasing the presence of, and opportunity for, local musicians we hope that arts in Alberta will remain highly visible and the opportunity for further funding will grow. Part of our focus is on supporting live music and promoting and providing a forum for new musicians and new music. In year two, perhaps another major funder will continue the endowment so this valuable work can continue. If well-begun, this program has a chance to continue giving emerging artists a leg up, and established artists a way to give back to the community that helped foster their careers.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 60,000 Salaries (senior @30,000; junior @30,000)
$ 2,700 Space rental (1 office each @ $150/month for 9 months)
$ 6,750 Accommodation (3 nights at $125/night for 9 months)
$ 4,050 Meals (3 days/month @ $75/day for 9 months)
$ 3,600 Transportation (1 trip/month @$200 round trip for 9 months)
$ 9,000 Music recording & production (10 hours studio time @$50/hour )
$ 4,000 Completed cd: production, graphic art, etc
$ 4,000 Marketing & promotion - concerts, cds, etc
$ 4,000 Concert (venue rental, etc)

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