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  • Create relationships with companies and obtain defective products
  • Successfully remove labels from attire
  • Distribute the unbranded clothes to local charities

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  Every year clothing manufacturers throw away or destroy thousands of dollars in clothing. Although it would add greatly to a company’s reputation to donate the clothing to charities that can use it, in reality it creates more of a diminishing effect upon the brand image. High end brands work very hard to give their products a prestigious name and to add value to their products so if they were to donate it to the homeless very few people would want to be wearing the same clothes as a homeless person. What our group wants to do is to buy the clothing that is to be thrown away at cost price, remove the labels and donate it to people in need. By removing the labels we would not be diminishing any brands thus hoping that more companies would be willing to sell us their unused and unsellable products for cost price. In fact, removing the labels may be the only way to have companies participates in our cause because of how important holding up the prestige of their brand is.

Community Benefit

Every day there are thousands of articles of clothing and other products that are being thrown away because they hold simple defects that are not up to par with companies high standards. On a yearly basis, tons of consumer products end up being piled in landfills when they clearly could have been used if it wasn't for the companies's constant need to keep up their image. We see this as a major issue and realize something must be done. Our vision is to buy defected clothing that is still wearable from companies at an est. $0.35 a piece, then removing their company label from the attire and further, donating the articles of clothing to local charities in need. By accomplishing our plan, we are eliminating partial waste from companies and recycling items that can still be used. In addition we are helping those in need within our communities.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: All of the money from the Pepsi Refresh grant will go towards sustaining the groups cause with no profit to any of us.
$ 350 Logistics
$ 550 Storage
$ 4,000 Clothing
$ 100 Marketing

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