Refurbish the facilities of a low-income girls' camp La Colonie Sainte-Jeanne d'Arc


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  • Recondition the multisports field used by campers.
  • Get new equipment for the various camp activities


Since the St. Joan of Arc Colony's mission is to provide positive moments to hundreds of young girls from low income families, it does not have sufficient funds to renovate the basketball court or to purchase new equipment.

We are submitting our request to Pepsi because we hope to have a new functional and safe camping ground, where the girls can enjoy themselves peacefully. The multi-sports field that is currently owned by the camp is outdated: the basketball baskets are of-hook, weed is everywhere, the asphalt is in a bad state and there are holes in the fence.

With this grant, we could rebuild this land and make it attractive. The remaining money will be used to purchase new equipment to replace outdated equipment.

Community Benefit

- Children who attend the camp will benefit from safe equipment -Instructors will increase their use the camp instead of choosing to play on turfs, not always a good alternative. -This will show the children of low-income families that we care for their welfare and for the safety of the camp. -The terrain will be safer instead of cracked and in a bad state. -The maintenance will be easier and quicker.

How will the $25K be used?

$ 20,000 Renovate the basketball court that is in poor condition
$ 5,000 buy new equipment for games

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