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  • Assist the community’s economic growth
  • Give all not-for-profit organizations access to a free website
  • Simplify how a community member stays informed in his/her community
  • Increase community spirit

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The Community-Info project was designed to give all communities access to a free website.

Each Community-Info website includes the following:

  • Upcoming Community Events
  • Photo Gallery
  • Discussion Board
  • Leisure Guide
  • Local Directory
  • Classifieds
  • Crime Tips

The main Community-Info framework has already been developed and is ready to be used. We are currently looking for funding to gather and enter the initial data as well as to promote the sites in the communities.


  • Setup and launch a minimum of 24 community websites within 1 year (approximately 2 per month).
  • Enable other communities to build their own website using our framework.


As Community-Info is ready to be deployed, you can find more information by visiting the Community-Info Website. To see an example of a community using the Community-Info framework, visit St-Adolphe's website.

Community Benefit

Community-Info was built to keep users aware of the latest and most relevant information in their community. Upcoming events, classifieds and the latest discussion topics are all available at a glance. This allows users to be able to stay aware of what’s going on in their community and allows local organizations to easily contact their community members. Increasing awareness and participation in community events and activities, builds stronger communities.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: The budget excludes the development costs for the website. The work done so far has an approximate value of $14,000. Erk's Werks has done this at no charge for the surrounding communities. We will also be taking care of the initial data entry at no charge for the next 24 communities.
$ 15,000 Marketing material and flyers to send to the community members
$ 5,000 Costs required to travel and collect the required data
$ 3,000 Web hosting and domain fees
$ 2,000 Telephone and internet costs to contact the communities

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