Create a Provincial Youth Parliament organization in Nova Scotia!Project Youth Connect: Nova Scotia


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  • To create a sustainable interest in politics amongst youth in NS.
  • To provide likeminded youth with a forum to forge connections.
  • For my project to long outlive my involvement with it, a century+.

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When I was in Manitoba I was on the cabinet for the Youth Parliament of Manitoba. It was a non-profit group that ran mock parliamentary sessions to educate youth on the political system. Another Manitoban involved with YPM was Katelynn Northam. After my first year on cabinet Kate moved to Halifax. After my second year on cabinet, I won the Loran award and I ended up in Halifax as well. YPM was in it's 90th consecutive session. Our goal is to create something with that kind of longevity for the youth in the province of Nova Scotia. "Project Youth Connect" is the initiative that we already have well underway, and it is taking the idea of a Youth Parliament to a whole new level. Beyond parliamentary sessions, we want to connect youth with politicians and each other in micro-events between sessions. Youth Parliaments are empowering and extremely beneficial not exclusively for those involved, but for the entire community. Civic engagement and eliminating political apathy is the plan. 

Community Benefit

For every youth who attends there are 10 main benefits. 1. Learn to speak your mind to people who will listen. 2. Meet new friends from across the province. 3. It's a stepping stone for involvement in more good things. 4. Become confident and competent with public speaking. 5. Connect with political figures and learn from them. 6. Learn more about the parliamentary process. 7. Develop debating skills. 8. Make friends and share the benefits of networking 9. Have intelligent fun. 10. Build a life long interest in politics. For the community of every youth involved, there are endless benefits. Youth are not engaged in politics. There is large numbers of apathetic voters in the next generation of decision makers. Project Youth Connect will help to create an interest and educate youth for the future. Best of all, with the right funding, we will be able to do it at zero to little cost for the participant.

How will the $5K be used?

$ 500 Group/ Event Promotional Materials
$ 3,500 Delegate/ Participant Accommodations for main Parliamentary Event
$ 800 Main Parliamentary Event Food
$ 200 Honorarium Fee for Speakers and Honoured Guests

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