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  • Provide feral cat colony management through TNR
  • Kitten rescue
  • Community outreach and education

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It is estimated that there is anywhere between 50,000 to 100,000 feral, stray, lost and/or roaming cats in the city of Winnipeg.

Trap/Neuter/Vaccinate/Release, (TNR), is the main tool Craig Street Cats uses to reduce the cat population. It can be costly, but has seen success in other cities. Cats are territorial, and the sterilized cats protect their territory just as vigorously as they did when they were intact. This keeps new cats from moving into the area, while ensuring that the remaining adults do not reproduce. Over several years the numbers drop, due to natural causes.

We are attempting to trap & spay/neuter as many of these cats as funds allow to prevent them from continuing to breed.

Community Benefit

This project will help reduce the number of feral street cats in Winnipeg.

How will the $5K be used?

$ 5,000 Spaying & Neutering of approximately 50 cats

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