Create a artistic atmosphere for creative children to createcarmen brunsch


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  • to help children get in touch with their creative side

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my project is simply this i want to open the greatest kids craft store in all of canada, and hopefully be able to make it a low cost franchise for other people to open in their community, my main goal , is to bring fun and creativity , to kids in my community , and hopefully inspire, kids of all ages to strive be their very best , when using any of their god given talents, and to have fun

Community Benefit

more entertainment for families, and low cost , for those that can not afford , alot, to provide , hands on for high school kids , with job incentive programs, to becoming functioning part of my community , for the good of the family, and to inspire kids to be more creative

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: i am not sure i have my calculations right , i don't think i have left much out it is pretty straight forward
$ 35,000 building rental and renovations if needed
$ 30,000 staff, help
$ 20,000 materials
$ 15,000 insurance

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