Create 4 videos representing the reality and distress of teens.CSA


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Cycle 2


  • Create and offer 4 videos and alternatives way to help teens.

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The CSA is now working to create a video base tool kit for the Laurentians’s youth. It is aimed at professionals in the health, education, social and community services. This tool will be offered free of charge to all, governmental, para-gouvermental as well as all non-profits dealing with kids. Offer trough the web, this platform will be created in concert with recognized specialists. On this web site, professionals will find guides introducing the videos, the videos as well as the professional help and resources available in the region. These guides will establish the angle taken of the problems. It will help the professional to better understand the experiences and suffering of the kids as well as offer alternatives ways and approach the issues.Each movie are real life stories that represent the reality and distress of the our young population.

The topics will be:

Elite and synthetic drugs 

Apparition of mental illness

Homeless teens and young adults

Runaway kids

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: One of ten movies have already been filmed so the budget has been put to the test.
$ 100,000 Filming the 4 videos (cast, crew and gear)

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