Save lives by educating about the dangers of Distracted Driving.Karen M. Bowman, Founder, D.I.A.D. ~ Drop It And Drive


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  • To improve web site interface in order to offer tools & resources.
  • To expand yearly program delivery to more than 200 BC schools.
  • To develop & implement an effective marketing & public relations plan.
  • To raise a minimum of $50,000/year in donations.

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Project Summary:

D.I.A.D. ~ Drop It And Drive is a grass roots initiative that aims to save lives by educating teens and young adults about the dangers of distracted driving. D.I.A.D. delivers unique no-holds-barred multi-speaker educational sessions to high schools and post secondary schools. We have three main speakers: a 26-year veteran Fire Fighter, a retired RCMP Traffic Division Sgt and me, a mother with first-hand experience surrounding the events of Jan. 5th when my 8-year-old was in vehicle that was rear ended by a distracted driver.

By making presentations to high schools & post secondary schools we aim to not only effect change with youth, but through them, reach parents & peers.


  • Improved web site interface providing interactive tools and resources.
  • Delivery of D.I.A.D. program to more than 200 BC schools every year.
  • $50,000 in yearly donations from individuals and corporate donors.
  • Continued media coverage - print, TV & radio.

Community Benefit

By educating teens and young adults about the dangers of distracted driving; D.I.A.D. aims to reduce road crashes and fatalities caused by texting while driving, talking on handheld devices and other forms of distracted driving. The yearly financial cost to the province and tax payers for road crashes and fatalities related to distracted driving is easily in the millions. The cost to family and friends left to grieve of lives unnecessarily lost to distracted driving is immeasurable . The best part of what D.I.A.D. accomplishes is that we’re changing how BC youth think about driving and by doing so, we are saving lives.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The majority of Program Delivery funds will be used to cover travel-related expenses not covered by the schools that book presentations. A maximum of $24,000 of the Program Delivery budget will be applied to administration costs with the priority being on-site presentations and associated costs.
$ 20,000 Develop & implement tools & resources on web site
$ 10,000 Develop & implement marketing & public relations plan
$ 25,000 Develop & implement sponsorship plan
$ 45,000 Program Delivery – Administration & Travel

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