Train Eco-Leaders: Engaged youth developing a greener, better world.AIESEC Canada & The Natural Step Canada


Competed in
Cycle 2


  • Thousands of individual actions toward sustainability
  • 3,000 young people inspired and empowered by message of sustainability
  • 30 Eco-leaders trained and supported
  • Increased understanding of sustainability and underlying issues
  • Youth engagement and a different way of thinking about our problems


Train 30 AIESEC students to become Eco-leaders who will tap into their networks, each reaching 100 people by facilitating discussions, doing presentations and generally sharing information about sustainability.  This will lead each participant to commit to 1 tangible action toward sustainability and start a deeper shift in how people see the world around them which will have these outcomes:

  • Shift paradigms: Eco-leaders’ presentations will highlight the underlying causes of un-sustainability, liberating their audiences to radically re-think their own relationship with the world around them
  • Impart information: What is sustainability, why is it important, what is the basis of our current crises?
  • Become a community resource: Eco-leaders will become the go-to person in their community for sustainability information
  • Catalyze participants to make one tangible commitment before leaving the follow up sessions

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Promotional costs to advertise program. Expert advice on adult learning techniques and workshop design.
$ 600 Webinar and teleconference costs
$ 1,470 eLearning: Sustainability 101
$ 300 Printing
$ 6,000 Accommodations and meals for student participants
$ 2,000 Travel and accommodations for Natural Step facilitators
$ 3,000 Logistical costs for AIESEC
$ 10,440 Workshop design and delivery by Natural Step Advisors
$ 1,190 Online platform to connect and support students

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