encourage respect for others through our Festivals of Light programme The Children's International Learning Centre (C.I.L.C.)


Competed in
Cycle 5


  • To educate over 3000 children and adults about different traditions.
  • To continue to encourage attitudes of respect for all people.
  • To celebrate the similarities & acknowledge the differences amongst us


The Festivals of Light is a 2-hour programme in a museum-like setting of various cultural traditions and runs from the beginning of November until the end of January. By utilizing artifacts from various countries and information from research material, over 25 volunteers help build eye catching 3D displays and create hands on activities to educate participants about important customs such as The Iroquois Mid-Winter Ceremony, Hanukkah, Day of Hajj/Eid-ul-adha and Christmas. With light as the common and most important element of these festivals, we highlight the core similarities these traditions have in common, such as delicious food, house preparation, and the importance of family. Through this programme, the CILC produces respectful attitudes in a city full of cultural character and diversity, as well as providing a cultural mosaic under one roof for diverse celebrations not conveyed in mainstream society.

Community Benefit

Our Festivals of Light programme complements the Ontario school curriculum, and it also fits the requisites that teachers, guiding and scouting leaders and community groups must adhere to in order to have a field trip. Our accountability to these groups shows our knowledge of the educational value that our programme provides to the community. Attitudes of respect for all people and for our common environment are important values to uphold in a diverse community; thus, the CILC assumes part of that responsibility to mediate this need. Through the Festivals of Light programme, participants get to “experience” 7 celebrations celebrated by people all over the world and here in our community. Participants recognize their traditions and are able to discuss and share their personal experiences with others. Since Hamilton continues to be a diverse city, the CILC recognizes the need to have a well-informed, culturally sensitive community that builds and supports community advancement.

How will the $25K be used?

$ 15,150 Salary for management staff
$ 370 Volunteer expenses
$ 1,880 Programme suppliees
$ 600 Promotion/publicity
$ 7,000 Facility Expenses

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