Let's laugh! The Student Film Festival of Quebec relaunches its 9th Edition! Festival du Film Étudiant de Québec


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Cycle 5


  • Receive over 150 films and distribute them.
  • Rewarding winners with generous prizes!
  • Partnering with universities in France.
  • Allow meeting between professionals and amateurs.
  • Getting media coverage to radiate throughout the province.

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For the 2011 edition, the proposed theme for filmmakers will be "Explore laughter". We want to give positive orientation to the Festival. By choosing to treat laughter, we believe that such a topic will be broad and will unleash creativity. We decided to limit the constraints to a minimum.

 Everyone laughs. It's something we do every day. Laughter creates a good mood. They also say that laughter is contagious. There is also a whole world of myths behind laughter.

Categories Environment and Youth (12-18) are back this year. Nearly $ 8,000 in prizes! You can find more information www.ffeq.ca.

Community Benefit

There are multiple benefits to the Festival! We can speak of the opportunity for students to learn the movie business; and for fans to be on the lookout for emerging talent, as well as strengthening ties within the community with the general public. There are more benefits, but can we objectify or decompose the wealth of cultural phenomenon deployed through initiatives like the Festival?

How will the $5K be used?

$ 2,000 Production of a commemorative DVD for the 10th anniversary
$ 1,500 Rentals & Permits
$ 1,000 Technical Team Event
$ 500 Miscellaneous

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