Provide free Foot Reflexology treatments for health and healing.Kay Race (Reflexology and Foot Massage)


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Cycle 5


  • To provide free reflexology treatments to those in need.



A team of licensed Certified Foot Reflexologists will be sent to hospice residences, various senior residences around Windsor, and other locations.   This will provide free reflexology foot massage to people who are either unable to travel, or cannot afford it.

Reflexology is a health service, but not covered by OHIP.  If awarded, this grant will provide over 100 hours of foot massage reflexology to Windsor residents.

Foot Reflexology aims to restore and maintain balance in the body, utilizing pressure points located in the foot.  It increases circulation, and induces a feeling of deep relaxation.  Touch is also important for well-being, especially for those with ill health, to remind them that they are loved, and that someone cares for them.

Community Benefit

Those who cannot afford it or cannot travel will benefit from free foot reflexology massage. This will promote their health and healing, specifically those suffering from illness or disease.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: Reflexologists includes all necessary materials and equipment.
$ 4,500 Foot Reflexologists
$ 500 transportation

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