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  • Children spend 90% of their time INDOORS. Our goal is to reverse this
  • To produce a1000 FREE DVD’s full of fun, educational activities and re
  • To help provide solutions to childhood obesity and ADHD by inspiring 3

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    •    Children spend 90% of their time INDOORS.
    •    Childhood OBESITY is an EPIDEMIC
    •    Children aged 8-18yrs spend more than 7 hours a day in front of a screen.
    •    1 in 3 children in Canada are either obese or overweight.
    •    ADHD and other stress-related illnesses are at an all time high.
We can provide a solution to help you to connect your children with nature and reap the huge benefits of spending time outdoors.

    •    How to create an organic, sustainable vegetable garden.
    •    Encourage birds & wildlife to your own backyard.
    •    Learn by embracing wisdom from diverse cultures.
    •    Organize trail walks, rock-hunting, star-gazing.

Community Benefit

The Let’s Go Outside” Revolution is about growing a generation of Happy Healthy Children by changing the way the children spend their time. Children, teachers and business's from the local community will be involved in creating the content for the "Let's Go Outside" Revolution DVD. The DVD will be filmed in the beautiful wilderness of British Columbia which is one of the most biologically diverse provinces in Canada. British Columbia is home to 143 mammal species, 454 birds, 20 amphibians, 19 reptiles and 450 species of fish. Some of these species are not found anywhere else in Canada. The FREE DVD and accompanying worksheets will be distributed to every school throughout BC. Local children will have the opportunity to benefit from hands on-community-based projects. Together we can reconnect our children to nature and ensure that the next generation has the opportunity, the time and the encouragement to “Go Outside” and discover the natural world.

How will the $25K be used?

$ 15,000 Video production and editing, script writing and music
$ 3,000 Coordination with contributors: teachers, outdoor experts, artists
$ 2,000 Website development (copy, design and programming)
$ 3,500 Production of DVD, printing costs & labels etc
$ 1,500 Promotion through networking, web conferences, newsletters, media

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