H4H Montreal - build an energy efficient home & save 2 families money2 underprivileged families would gain from this LEED certified home


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  • To help reduce the carbon footprint, enviromentally friendly home
  • to help break the poverty cycle by creating affordable housing

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It is our goal to build a four storey row duplex, consisting of two - 3 bedroom homes in the St. Henri area. It is our goal to incorporate the best green practices, ultimately meeting the sustainability criteria for leadership and energy and environmental design LEED certification for homes. The goal of LEED, and our interest in it, is in building homes with a reduced environmental impact as well as a reduced burden on our urban infrastructure.

We serve a clientele that could never afford to buy a house or qualify for a mortgage.

Habitat partner families are:

-Living under the poverty line and in need of affordable housing

-Working and earning an income that enables them to pay an interest-free mortgage

-Willing to invest 500 hours of “sweat equity” or unpaid labour to build their house

we need help in funding this project  and we promise to drink Pepsi on the site at all times.

This amount requested would have an amazing impact on building more homes

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The price of land in Montreal is not only expensive but hard to find. the Island of Montreal is so built up that the opportunity for us to acquire reasonably priced land is so hard. So any help you can offer us would be a godsend.
$ 100,000 It would allow us to purchase land that we need so badly

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