Create a presentation area at Heaven Can Wait's Adoption Center. Heaven Can Wait Animal Rescue Foundation


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  • To develop 550 square on the top floor of the Adoption Center.
  • To use this developed area as an educational & presentation area.
  • To purchase the raw materials in order to develop the area.
  • To add multi media apparatus such as a projector and big screen.
  • Educate the public on animal welfare and care issues

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In March of 2009 Heaven Can Wait Animal Rescue Foundation opened its Adoption & Information Centre in High River, Alberta.  With our shelter located in rural High River, this location in town is just one more step in providing a "visible" service to the community plus an opportunity to showcase our wonderful animals more effectively and ultimately to find them more loving, permanent homes. With 25-35 cats living communally and free roaming, this environment is designed to encourage hands-on interaction with the animals. Our vision is to develop 550 sq ft on the top floor of the Adoption Centre in order to create a presentation area for the Centre to provide educational services to the community.  Here we will deliver to the community information and resources with respect to responsible pet ownership, animal welfare issues, cat care, dog care, dog training, and the importance of spaying and neutering our domestic animals.

Community Benefit

To showcase what a no kill animal rescue organization does; To provide educational opportunities for the Town of High River and surrounding communities in regards to animal welfare, responsible pet ownership and animal care; As a no kill organization to continue with the spay and neuter mandate for domestic animals and promote our "SPAY IT FORWARD PROGRAM" for financially strapped families and individuals; To offer the communities a unique alternative to the adoption process of a traditional shelter with our hands-on, free roaming, open concept Centre; To inspire young people by enabling schools to have the option to come to us on field trips and lastly to provide our own volunteer base with ongoing and knowledge enhancing training opportunities within their chosen volunteer realm.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: The budget will not be covering the cost of labor or installation of the building materials. These services will likely come from the volunteers associated with the organization and the goodwill of the community we are located in.
$ 2,000 Purchase of building materials for 550 sq ft
$ 3,000 Purchase of multi media tools for the developed area

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