create a composting facility to educate the public at the Fall Fair.Comox Valley Exhibition (CV Ex)


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  • To educate the public - reduce, reuse, recycle kitchen material


Today, the use of composting to turn organic wastes into a valuable resource is expanding rapidly in many countries, as landfill space becomes scarce and expensive, and as people become more aware of the impact they have on the environment.

Combining organic matter is composting in its purest state. Nutrients need to be balanced but the basic ingredients necessary to make composts are seen everywhere for free. In fact, throwing these things in our garbage is something that needs our attention.

This mini-composting facility will inspire the public and provide them with knowledge to work with nature to self-regenerate its power and produce compost in time!  Demonstrations and take-home pamphlets will promote this lifelong activity!

Community Benefit

As 15,000 visitors attend the Fall Fair each year, these demonstrations will reach a significant amount of local people. The community will benefit greatly by decreasing the amount of waste in our landfill, to protect and restore the environment and added organic nutrients to the soil. Agriculture, backyard vegetable gardens and flower beds are plentiful in the Comox Valley and the public needs to be educated in the significance of backyard composting - our demonstrations and educational material will assist in this huge project!

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: Volunteers to assist in the educational program during several exhibitions at the Fairgrounds, including Farmers' Markets each Saturday from April to October, and the Fall Fair held in August each year.
$ 2,500 Composters
$ 1,000 Educational Pamphlets/Take Home Materials
$ 1,500 Soil, Worms, Shovels, Composting Turnstiles

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