My rescue

Hi all...I am having a very successful year saving the animals in need in my area. Since December 2010 I have rescued over 40 animals. The local no kill shelter here has rescued none due to their no-kill policy. And do not help the animals in need. Due to this no kill policy they have, hundreds of beautiful healthy animals have been euthanized. I have saved many of these poor creatures with a 99% success rate with the help of PRP grant of $5000.00. Needless to say we do need a shelter here that's being run properly and efficiently. I couldn't be more proud of what I do as an individual for these animals and the people who adopt them. I would love to have a modern facillity to do this work in a professional setting but money  is the issue. It would cost alot of it to build and support a shelter like this. It's a dream of mine and maybe someday it'll happen. Wish me luck :)

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