General skill set for school persistence in Abitibi. Génies en herbe Harricana


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  • To generate a desire to know a little about everything
  • Provide this opportunity to all youth, regardless of their environment
  • Confirm GHH as provincial leader and example

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We want to visit ALL the local schools, providing students the chance to develop a taste for general culture. We are volunteers.

With the grant, we will be able to provide free basic equipment, visit schools free of charge, meet all courses,  organize stimulating and motivating activities, train and equip local facilitators, help the community (organization/ activity set ups),promote locally the development of the activity,promote regionally individual and group achievements, televise (Community) tournaments and competitions, renew the material, pooling local projects because not all have the material/human resources to promote general skills.

Community Benefit

With this grant, we can offer our free services and train local facilitators who will continue the work. - We provide a necessary basis for the students to undertand the school curriculum. - We offer interesting and challenging activities in order to expose our young people to diverse, interesting and useful knowledge for their apprenticeship of civil life. - We also provide services to adults but it's the young people who drive these activities. - Our activities open up new horizons for our youth. - We show them that things can happen and that they can then decide to explore them. - Lectures, tours, workshops, and meetings stimulate young people. - They are active partners in their own development. The training we give them prepares them to become engaged citizens in their community. They have a voice and take part in its progress. They are successful within their communities, and the communities are proud of their youth.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: A very large territory and scattered communities explain the high travel costs.It is, by the way, one of the problems we will solve thanks to the grant.
$ 12,000 Material and activities
$ 8,000 Travel throughout the regions
$ 5,000 Project Coordination

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