A return to the source. Teach children about the benefits of animalséquimélia


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Cycle 5


  • Initiation to the farm

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Learn to know animals. Each animal has its own personlity and whims (children will have to discover them)

Basic Animals Body Hygiene (develop dexterity and strength)

Learn to safely handle them (patience and perseverance)

The daily activities on the farm (make them responsible)

Walk in the woods (the joys of nature)

Animals love to play games. Come and play with them (Entertainment for a day of fun filled with bursts of laughter!)

Our project is to entertain your child and ake him/her discover new horizons :)


Community Benefit

Some years ago, animals, the human hands and agriculture were of great importance to people. But as years go by, technology increasingly takes over and machines dominate. We want to bring your child back to the source that helped us survive. Horses are a means of transportation, cows provide milk, pigs can feed us etc... Today cities are increasing and villages are disappearing, new buildings are built and trees die. So, we want children to experience the joys of being on a farm in the countryside! The project will open up new horizons to kids, new tastes and a wonderful passion! You cannot imagine the positive effects that animals have on children; patience, dexterity, good mood, perseverance, concentration, good values, courage and ambition will be at the party :) Welcome to all children ages 5-13 !

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Our salary is not included in our budget
$ 5,000 purchase of equipment (refrigerator table chair ...)
$ 10,000 Purchase of new animals
$ 10,000 Improvement of the building

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