Help homeless dogs & kids extend a "paw" of support to one anotherAnne Charls


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  • Bring the joy of having a pet to kids waiting for their forever home
  • Bring a sense of family to dogs waiting for their forever home
  • Make rescued dogs more eligible for adoption through training
  • Fundraise for the partner shelters


Every child deserves a loving family, but when life unfairly gets in the way of this, "Joining Paws" aims to bring the unconditional love of an animal into the lives of children in group homes. Similarly, while waiting for their new forever home, the project allows recently rescued dogs to enjoy the honest affection of a child. The dogs will also benefit from the training they obtain prior to their sessions with the kids, which will provide them with an important sense of accomplishment & approval, as well as make them more eligible for eventual adoption.

A group of rescued dogs will be trained, participate in a few get-togethers with the kids & then be promoted for adoption, as the next batch of rescues begin their training. Throughout the process, "Joining Paws" will host fundraising events to benefit both partner shelters.

If you believe in the amazing impact an animal can have on a human life - and vice versa - please lend your support in bringing this project to life!

Community Benefit

The "Joining Paws" project will bring a sense of family, companionship, empathy, and support to two of the most innocent and deserving groups of any community. Please vote EVERY day so that we can bring struggling kids and dogs dealing with the same issues together in support of one another. Together, they can each play a huge part in making every day less lonely and more hopeful for the other.

How will the $25K be used?

$ 10,000 Fundraising & promotional efforts for the animal & children's shelters
$ 7,500 Dog training
$ 7,500 Activities, supplies, etc for the get-togethers

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