build a skateboard plaza so youth have a safe place to playLethbridge Skateboard Association


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  • Raise $25,000 to help fund a new Skate Park in Lethbridge
  • Provide Lethbridge skaters with a safe, designated skate area

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Lethbridge's current and only skateboard park was built in 1999. Many efforts to get a new one built since then have failed. The pictures below show the state of our current park - isolated, run down and covered in graffiti.

Modern skateboard plazas are built into the center of communities. This allows interaction of the community and the skateboarders. It's very location is a natural deterrent for the graffiti and vandalism that plague our existing park. It creates a friendly family environment. It's a place where skateboarders and visitors feel safe. It encourages the cross generational interaction that society as a whole needs.

Community Benefit

The young ones frolic in the splash park under a close and watchful eye. The parents are watching the older ones as well. It seems like just yesterday that they were splashing around too. They grow up fast don't they? Today, unbeknownst to them, mom and dad still watch them play on the new skateboard plaza out of the corner of their eyes. Not too overbearing of course, they're getting older, they need some room to roam. They might dress a bit different, but that is normal. Each generation wants to differentiate itself from the one before. Clothes, music, and hairstyles aside, they are just kids. They're just seeking a place to fit in. A place to play, a place to socialize and perhaps most importantly, a place to belong. A place, to call their own. The inclusive nature of the skateboard culture will encourage personal growth, the setting of goals and the overcoming of obstacles. It will permit free play, creativity, social interaction and physical fitness.

How will the $25K be used?

$ 25,000 Construction of skateboard park

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