ReFRESH,ReENGAGE and Re INSPIRE our Nurses & Healthcare Professionals!Stephanie Staples


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Cycle 2


  • REFRESH, reenergize and reinspire Nurses
  • Show nurses they are brilliant, valued and indispensible
  • Give nurses tools to take care of themselves, first

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Imagine changing Canadian Healthcare, one Nurse at a time.  Imagine a cross Canada Gratitude Tour that will touch, thank and inspire thousands of nurses to continue to do their best for YOU! 

This interactive event filled with tools to help them with the many challenges that they face in their life & livelihood. Tips to help them sustain their motivation and take  action to improve the quality of their work/home life.  They  will con­nect with like-minded colleagues as they redefine wellness on their own terms in this one of a kind shift.

Nurses will leave this though provoking event:

  • Empowered with tools they can use immediately to improve communication/leadership skills
  • Rejuvenated and reconnected with themselves, their colleagues and their profession
  • Equipped with a solid, personal wellness plan that they can get EXCITED about!
  • Holding a CD & Book designed especially to support them!

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: This budget may or may not cover CD's and books for the nurses.
$ 100,000 Cross Canada Gratititude Tour for Nurses

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