Supply Musical Instruments for Community Youth in CalgaryCalgary Round-Up Band


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  • provide instruments for young musicians use through the band program
  • to pass down these instruments year after year to new musicians

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Young musicians between the ages of 12 and 15 from communities in and around Calgary seek musical instruction and experiences with the Calgary Round-Up Band program. where this band allows them to grow as individuals and performers, and express themselves and grow through the art of dance and music

The program has been running for many years, and the instruments are also aging with the program. Several members are playing on instruments that are as old or older than themselves. Many intruments are now in a barely usable state. There are not enough of these instruments for all the interested young musicians that are seeking this opportunity. The goal is to refresh and replace the instruments used by young musicians in Calgary through the Round-Up Band.

Community Benefit

The Calgary Round-Up Band benefits the community in two ways. The first is as a muiscal representative in, and showcase of, the community. The second is as a place for young musicians and dancers to gain musical and performance opportunities and instruction, and the positive experience of being part of a community youth organization. The Round-Up Band program needs refreshed equipment and instruments to continue to be able to provide these opportunites to the youth in the community.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: instruments will be purchased by the Calgary Round-Up Band for use by youth age 12-15. Instruments will be re-used year after year by different students accessing the Round-Up Band program
$ 9,000 french horns
$ 6,000 tubas
$ 6,000 baritones
$ 4,000 percussion

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