create 12 month outdoor recreation park for youth, seniors, families.Business Fredericton North Inc.


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  • Redevelop "refresh" vacant lot once Nashwaaksis Arena - Community Hub
  • Offer year round recreation park for youth, seniors and families
  • Get our community acitive
  • Meet recreational needs lost by demonlish of community centre / arena
  • Develop a one of a kind location in city that links to existing nodes

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The project is "refreshing" redeveloping a vacant lot that was once a hub of community activity. Our project will bring life and activity back to this site as it has had for over 50 years before the arena was demolished. This park will serve 1000's in our community 12 months of the year and benefit everyone.

The construction will involve the site work and the physical construction of an outdoor recreation facility which will include hard surfaces for basketball and ball hockey, an outdoor skateboard park, a facility building, gazebo, picnic area and a pedestrian trail with incorporated fitness stations.  The area will also be converted during the late fall and winter months to an outdoor community skating facility with ice plant which will allow the skating area to be used from November to April.  The Nashwaaksis Recreation Project is designed to be a year round recreational destination for the Nashwaaksis community, Fredericton North and all residents of Fredericton.

Community Benefit

The project will benefit everyone in Fredericton because is is adjacent existing recreation nodes, trail system and will offer activity year round for free. It will offer seniors an outdoor recreational site that offers activities to get them out and get them active. The more active seniors are the healthier they become, in turn reducing the strain on our health system.Within walking distant there is an impoverished community in the Hawkins Neville Street neighbourhood, restricted in their ability to access recreational opportunities this project would provide year round access to recreational activities for these families at no direct costs. The adjacent elementary school and other local schools will use the park to provide positive outlets for their children also at no cost. Thus we can say with confidence that the Nashwaaksis Recreation Project will address the outdoor recreational needs of youth, seniors and families in the community 12 months of the year.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Tenders for the project total: Fencing $14,351, Landscaping $12,995, Electrical $44,004.46, Sitework, Ice Rink, Service Bld. $748,000 = $819,350.46. Funds Secured: RDC $500,000, BFN $25-40,000, ACOA $55,000 (grant waiting approval), City $201,000 and operating cost after construction.
$ 100,000 Construction of hardsurfaces - ice plant chiller

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