SAVE LIVES, by moving racing off our streets and on to race tracksKyle Brentnell


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  • Make our streets safer - street racing is risky for everyone.
  • To change attitudes towards street racing in youth and young drivers
  • To promote organized motorsports as an alternative to street racing
  • To create an "OnTrack" multimedia campaign for youth and young drivers
  • To give the "OnTrack" campaign to schools & youth groups across Canada

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"police laid 7,013 charges under Section 172, the street racing provisions of the Highway Traffic Act." - Toronto Star, Sep 30 2008

The "OnTrack" project will save lives by moving racing from the street to where it belongs - race tracks.

We will create, OnTrack, an exciting multimedia campaign for youth and young drivers advocating racing on tracks instead of our streets.  The "no street racing" message from the police is only half of the solution.  To effectively change attitudes we will bring the other half of the solution, which  is to direct thrill seekers to the proper place to race - the race track.

There are more than 150 race tracks across our great country.  But unfortunately most street racers do not know that they could easily be racing at one of these tracks.  The "OnTrack" campaign will show young drivers the many exciting motorsport opportunities available to them, and how to get started.

OnTrack can make a difference if you help us by voting!

Community Benefit

There are many community benefits! Safer streets for all of us, everyday. Saved Lives! The OnTrack multimedia campaign will also deal with road rage. Explaining why road rage occurs, the damage it causes, and how to avoid it. Young drivers are susceptible to road rage, but we provide some alternatives to counteract it. Providing opportunities for young people to fulfill their thrill seeking under the guidance and protection of sanctioned, organized closed circuit track racing environment is a win-win solution for everyone. Motorsports is an excellent place to foster the development of tomorrow's leaders as they learn how to deal with both successes and failures in a professional manner. Race tracks provide excellent family friendly entertainment throughout our country. P.S. If you support this project, please remember to vote daily. Note: After you click the "Vote for this idea" button, it should disappear. If you can still see the button, please click it again. Thank you!

How will the $25K be used?

$ 13,500 To create & purchase materials for the multimedia campaign
$ 6,000 To deliver the campaign to schools & youth groups
$ 2,500 To create a web site as part of the campaign
$ 1,000 Legal & professional fees
$ 2,000 To raise more funding to repeat the campaign in future years

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