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  • To get PALS up and running in 5 of our most vulneraschools in 2011/12
  • To get parents involved in their children’s education and intellectual
  • To ultimately have PALS running in all 35 elementary schools in Langle

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Project summary:
Parents as Literacy Supporters (PALS) is a family literacy program targeting kindergarten students and their parents or guardians. Evidence suggests that children who have a strong foundation of parental support are more likely to benefit from their education and to enjoy the whole concept of learning and discovery.

• The program consists of 10 sessions focusing on ABCs,
   environment, writing, numeracy, technology, riddles, raps, & rhymes and linking
   literacy with play.
• Parents participate in all the activities and are able observe the teacher’s teaching
• After each session every child leaves with books and educational materials so that
  they can continue the activities with their parents at home.

Anticipated Results
• Parents understand how young children learn
• They feel connected to the school
• The home adopts a culture of learning and discovery


Community Benefit

“It takes a community to educate a child.” And the PALS program knows this. It brings dozens of parents into the school and throws them right into the learning process. Not only do they work with their own children, but they collaborate with other parents and children. And a community of learning and educational emerges and it happens 10 times a year. The 3 R’s are front and centre, but so are lots of C’s – collaboration, cooperation, curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and of course, community! Parents and children work with their teacher, with each other and with other parents and children. Suddenly the members within a community are contributing to the overall content and quality of their children's education and ultimately their future. As John Lennon once so eloquently put, "A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is a reality.'

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: Teacher salaries and venue costs
$ 6,000 Books for every child to take home after each PALS session
$ 2,500 Hands-on materials to take home after each session
$ 1,500 Snacks for all the session

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