build a playground for an innovative, child-centered preschool.Montessori Preschool Academy


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Cycle 5


  • Allow families that require financial assistance preschool
  • To offer more variable preschool spaces in Lethbridge
  • To aid in the healthy development of gross motor skills
  • To aid in the ability for children to actively learn through play
  • To offer children and parents longer class times


The "Preschool Playground" project will allow an innovative preschool in Lethbridge, Alberta to offer children an outdoor playground that will promote physical activity, development of gross motor skills, and active learning through play and socialization. This project will also give families that require financial assistance access to obtain preschool education for their children, in that families that require financial assistance will have access to government subsidies for their child's preschool tuitions as well as many more scheduling options in their child's preschool registration. The "Preschool Playground" project will also create more preschool spaces for children in the community, which will aid in rectifying the preschool shortage that Lethbridge is currently experiencing.
*up to 60 full time spots
*up to 60 part time spots
*Media mentions (local papers/news)
*Online mentions (facebook/twitter/website)

Community Benefit

Although there are other preschools scattered throughout the city, some of them do not have outdoor spaces. While most preschools have access to indoor gross motor play, outdoor play is vital for the health and well being of children. Additionally, an outdoor space would allow a change in licensing, which would enable low-income parents to access government subsidies; current licensing only permits stay-at-home parents a partial subsidy. A playground would give low-income families access to a service that they would otherwise not have. Montessori Preschool Academy provides a structured learning environment and an excellent prekindergarten program that can be made available to all parents, regardless of their socio-economic status.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: The budget will not cover: *plants and trees *other materials such as balls or other toys
$ 500 city permits
$ 2,000 labour
$ 11,000 rubber ground surfacing
$ 2,500 fencing and gates
$ 9,000 play ground structure

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