create a 'rabbitat' prototype to help house and control feral rabbits.Rabbitats Canada


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  • to see feral rabbits controlled and humanely housed in 'rabbitats'
  • to build a 'rabbitat' prototype to demonstrate to interested parties
  • to liaison with concerned governments, communities and citizens
  • to educate communities and individuals about rabbits and their care

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The Rabbitats project intends to show how large numbers of homeless feral/domestic rabbits can be safely, securely and happily in outdoor escape-proof, predator-proof and astetically pleasing 'rabbitats'. We plan on using the Pepsi Refresh funds to build a model that can be approved by the appropriate government agencies and demonstrated to animal shelters, pet rescues, institutions and responsible private citizens willing to host the enclosures and care for small groups of sterilized rabbits.  Rabbitats Canada can then solicit materials and volunteers to help build affordable colony housing for anywhere from six to 60 neutered rabbits at a time and educate new rabbit guardians on low maintenance and sustainable care.

Community Benefit

Rural areas are dealing with abandoned meat or breeder rabbits in fields while cities contend with pets and their feral offspring turned loose in parks, vacant lots, institutions and on private land. Rabbits do make great pets but they are purchased with little or no information, they go through a brief but unruly 'juvenile' phase at puberty and often end up 'set free' in a park unsterilized. The rapidly reproducing rabbits can cause major damage to crops and gardens and the burrows can injure horses and other animals. Humans are also at risk for these injuries and rabbit waste is an uncomfortable addition to any area. A large rabbit population as an easy food source means a population overgrowth of problem predators like coyotes. But the rabbits' removal is always a very contentious community issue. Few want to see the gentle, friendly creatures destroyed. The 'Rabbitats' model offers a humane solution that can bring communities together rather than tear them apart.

How will the $5K be used?

$ 1,200 building supplies
$ 1,000 fencing
$ 1,600 vet costs
$ 700 tranportation
$ 500 office, marketing costs

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