Recyle wood and pallets to furnitureKyle Geib


Competed in
Cycle 1


  • to show society that scrap can be beautiful
  • to ensure people enjoy and use my furniture


this is for myself to better the area Ilive in to eventually expand to send pieces to
anywhere they can be sent if orders received via the mail or internet
I want to boast awareness ot society that many pieces of wood can be recycled and not
dumped in ditches and landfill sites
this is very small at present but is this catches on can expand and the boundries are

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: Wages, this is the only thing this will not cover as i feel that eventually by selling some of the pieces this will allow me to become selfsufficient and will be able to move foward on a larger scale
$ 3,000 to gather and rework wood also to to add appropriate pieces of tools

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