Celebrating Diversity Committee

spread the Respect Campaign throughout the Rainy River District.Celebrating Diversity Committee


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Cycle 6


  • To spread the Respect Campaign throughout the Rainy River District
  • To mentor, educate, and raise awareness on diversity related topics


I am proud Respect Lives Here!  Everyone deserves Respect.

This initiative is meant to raise public awareness, to make civility a topic of discussion, and to raise the bar in terms of our expectations when it comes to behaviour.

Our Respect Campaign is comprised of a number of programs and strategies meant to raise awareness of how people should treat one another.  We plan to provide training to District businesses and organizations on Respect.  We will give them visible identifiers (buttons, lanyards, posters, door signs) so that anyone going into these organizations will immediately know that they can expect to be treated with Respect.

Community Benefit

When we talk about the acceptance of diversity, we are talking race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, religion, intellectual capacity, body shape, disability, age, family background, parental status and socio-economic background. An increased awareness of Diversity and Respect will result in a community and a District that is more welcoming and inclusive.

How will the $10K be used?

$ 5,000 Provide training to businesses and organizations about Respect
$ 5,000 Posters, buttons, lanyards, doorsigns as a visible reminder of Respect

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