take a 'Roadtrip with Reason' to volunteer with non-profit orgsBecky Conlon


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  • EXPOSE small non-profit orgs across Canada via weekly video features
  • INSPIRE viewers to 'do their part and show some heart'
  • OPEN EYES to issues that are happening within these communities
  • AFFECT POSITIVE CHANGE in an individual, org, community or the country
  • SHOWCASE CANADA through weekly video feature- spirit of people & place

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I am very passionate about not-for-profit organizations and am able to recognize how important they are to the quality of a community. There are so many necessary and extraordinary small orgs that are in need of helping hands. I have decided to take a journey and offer my own (helping hands) in hopes of inspiring other Canadians to do the same.

Starting in July 2011, I'll be heading out on a road trip across Canada. This will be a special one though because it has reason. I'll spend a couple days volunteering with and getting to know a non-profit in every province & territory. I want to learn about what they do, why they do it and how we (as Canadians) can enable them to continue with their various missions of positive change

My experience with every non-profit will be shared with my viewers via video on my website and through various social media outlets. I hope to expose, inspire, open eyes, affect positive change and showcase Canada.

Community Benefit

Not-for-profit organizations are the backbone of every community across Canada, but many of them face difficulties to keep themselves afloat. By filming my journey with an organization in every province and territory, I am hoping to inspire others to 'do their part and show some heart' by getting involved with a non-profit of their choice. This will (hopefully) lead to positive change among the organizations that I spend time with, as well as within the communities themselves. In general, this will be an opportunity to showcase the spirit of Canada by getting to know the people and places of each community that I visit.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: My budget will NOT cover personal tourism-related expenses (i.e. tours, museums, day trips etc)
$ 5,000 Equipment, Travel, Promotion/Marketing materials, Operational Costs

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