build a new playground for Rosemary Heights Elementary and communityKim Dudra


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  • To create a larger playground to serve our school & greater community

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Our second, larger playground will serve the needs of our students and greater community. Dozens of families rely on our school grounds for recreation and play. The new playground accommodates all age levels and features low access points for younger children and challenging, imaginative equipment for all ages.

Our playground is the only one in Rosemary Heights. We share this resource with the community as a whole.

Community Benefit

The playgrounds are a shared resource and benefit all who come to play. The community relies on our playground, which is open weekends and weeknights, for play and recreation. There are no other playgrounds in Rosemary Heights, and our community, and school, are growing rapidly.

How will the $25K be used?

$ 25,000 To pay for purchase and installation of equipment

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