run an Ottawa Wheelchair Hockey League for people with disabilitiesOttawa Power Wheelchair Hockey League


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Cycle 5


  • To develop a four team league with up to 40 players.
  • To travel to yearly run national tournaments.
  • To offer a sport to those who are not able to enjoy like others.


Project Summary: The OPWHL project uses both the resources of players and volunteers to run a wheelchair hockey league as an outlet for individuals with disabilities. This hockey league will motivate and encourage those who use an electric wheelchair to get out in the community to play a sport to grow as leaders and as people. Our specific goal is to have 40 players join the league with the potential for the number to grow in future years. There is a need for wheelchair friendly sports in the area as there are little to none available to no cost to participants. The OPWHL offers that sport in a safe, friendly yet competitive environment. The league will rely on community support, funding obtained from sponsors, and league own fundraising efforts. Deliverables: Have 40 players join league Create a contact sheet of at least 10 referees Develop official league rules for the OPWHL $25,000 in donations from individual, community, and corporate donors

Community Benefit

Our project will allow all those who live their lives in wheelchairs to enjoy the sport that most people in this country take for granted. It will also give a social outlet for the disabled community, especially those who are passionate about hockey and sport in general.

How will the $25K be used?

$ 5,000 Facility rental i.e. Gym rental
$ 15,000 Travel and care costs for tournaments
$ 5,000 Jerseys, scoreboard, equipment, referees

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