Senior Animals In Need Today Society (SAINTS)

Provide vital veterinary care for senior and special needs animals.Senior Animals In Need Today Society (SAINTS)


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  • To provide vital veterinary care to senior and special needs animals

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Senior and special needs animals in shelters often have very little chance of finding a new home. SAINTS gives these animals a second chance. We believe they deserve to spend their final days knowing they are loved.

Our emphasis is always on quality: quality of care and quality of life. We are closely connected to several local veterinarians who help us develop and implement individual care and treatment protocols. Through specialized diets and medications, they manage the animals’ health conditions in the least invasive way possible. House calls are made on a weekly basis to assess each protocol’s success.

These veterinarians and their staff enable us to consistently provide our animals with high quality, compassionate palliative care. The grant will help us to cover the cost of this care, from exams, bloodwork, and medications to dentals and geriatric spays/neuters.

By successfully managing their medical issues, our senior and special needs animals thrive.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: The budget does not cover SAINTS part-time staff wages, food, litter, or ongoing care expenses. SAINTS relies on public donations and volunteer-driven fundraisers for such expenses.
$ 6,000 Medications
$ 4,000 Bloodwork and biopsies
$ 5,000 Dental work
$ 5,000 Surgeries
$ 3,000 X-rays and ultrasounds
$ 2,000 Exam and house call fees

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