30 students in "tourism" organize a travel fair. Jean-Christophe Pellerin


Competed in
Cycle 5


  • Promote cultural tourism
  • promote green tourism, ecological (sustainable)
  • Promote international tourism
  • Promote local tourism
  • Assist students in their integrator project.

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Thirty college students in "tourism" are organizing the 10th Travel Fair located in the region of Capitale-Nationale (Ottawa-Gatineau).  Over twenty countries will be represented by their cultures, myths, main tourist attractions, local food, etc.. This event is in conjunction with one of our courses and the main goal is to help more than 2000 people discover that it is possible to travel while respecting other cultures and that there are alternatives to the all-inclusive formula. The theme: a flight to the imaginary.

- Allow 30 students in "Tourism" to stand out
- Promote cultural tourism, local, green, international ...

"Be realistic: demand the impossible" Guevara

Community Benefit

To help them discover unusual destinations, to help them in their research, break the routine, be happier, travel in a more relaxed fashion. Discover the world!

How will the $5K be used?

$ 1,000 Equipment rental
$ 3,200 decoration, booth presentation
$ 350 food (international cuisine)
$ 450 advertising

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