Preserving the natural environment by reusing and recycling.SecondCycle


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  • assist and encourage businesses to reuse and recycle
  • Conserving resources and habitats
  • Reduce discharging of waste by companies


Natural resources and the wildlife are declining at an alarming rate due to the extraction of raw materials used for the production of our consumer goods.

SecondCycle is part of the solution:

- Building a Web 2.0 social network for recycling and reuse of materials among companies.

- Encourage SecondCycle, help us build this social network and participate in the protection of natural habitats and animals that live there;

- Vote for Second Cycle in Pepsi Refresh

- Publish companies that recycles and reuse by identifying concretely their efforts for the environment on the Facebook page SecondCycle.

Let's get together and act together to suggest alternatives to consumer businesses.


Community Benefit

Community benefits offered by the network: - Reuse or recycle materials rather than destroying the natural environment to extract new raw material - Reduce landfill waste and prolong the life of existing disposal sites - Transforming the materials currently discarded - allow the community to identify companies that promote reuse and recycling to improve our consumer choices - Putting together the ideas of the community to provide businesses with new options for reuse and recycling - Promote the emergence of new business opportunities in the field of sustainable development.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The website is ready to be brought online to meet the basic needs of the project.And it will be enhanced by new services en route.
$ 50,000 Inform, educate, visit the companies.
$ 40,000 By enhancing the web portal to include the community.
$ 10,000 Present the results obtained.

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