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  • To update our facilities and make them usable again for the Community!


The " Small Town with Big Dreams" project is what our community is. We are a small town trying to rebuild our facilities so that they are usable by our children again. The children in our town have never had an organized sports program, and if we are able to update our facilities we will be able to offer this to our children. We currently have the volunteers and plan in place for this but our facillites are not yet functionable. With this funding, we would be able to fence our ballfield, update the grounding section, and purchase the necessary equipment.

Community Benefit

This will get our kids active again, and finally offer them the option to play an organized sport!! By updating this facility we would be able to also offer adults a place to play sports, and get involved with teaching our children the importance of being active, building self esteem and being a part of the community.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Registration fees for sport activities, and bleachers for sitting area.
$ 6,000 Fencing the Ballfield
$ 2,000 Ground work( grass, sand, etc)
$ 2,000 Sporting Equipment

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