Teach people how to grow food at the SNA community greenhouse garden.Spence Neighbourhood Association (SNA) - Community Greenhouse Project


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  • To increase food security of Winnipeg inner city residents.

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Located at 689 Maryland, the SNA community greenhouse project is a green space where 24 inner-city families can grow their own food in raised beds, 8 of which are sheltered by four small greenhouses.  There are also more than 25 shared garden beds in which vegetables, herbs, medicinal plants and flowers, and berries, are grown, cared for and harvested by many community members of all ages and many cultural backgrounds, primarily low-income

At the greenhouse garden, we will offer gardening workshops with topics that include: seed starting, transplanting, composting, container gardening, basic gardening, mid-season fertilizing, harvesting, and workshops that focus on different vegetable groups.

We will also offer one-on-one gardening mentorship during regular garden open hours, five times per week, during the growing season (May-September).  During these open hours we will also encourage more experienced community gardeners to share their knowledge and mentor new gardeners.

Community Benefit

The community greenhouse garden project has been benefiting and will keep benefiting the Spence community in many ways: 1- It provides green space in a community that has the lowest green space per capita in Winnipeg. In this way, it help increase the overall health of our community. 2- It acts as a space where neighbours can meet each other and therefore feel safer in their community. 3- It is a space where community members can learn how to grow their own food through workshops and one on one gardening mentorship. This is important in our community as many people are food insecure. Many are low income and struggle to provide adequate nutrition for their families. This project provides the community with a new and fun strategy that can bring us closer to food security. 4- This project helps to empower people of all ages by providing a positive activity where they can be active and make a visible difference in the community. Impacting others and their lives positively.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: To build community it takes investment in local people. SNA is committed to hiring local people to make their community a better place. We have secured funds for most of the supplies. However without the funds for a coordinator we will be unable to run programs that connect people to the greenhouse
$ 23,000 Pay the wage for the greenhouse coordinator
$ 2,000 pay for materials and supplies

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