Create Freedom Through Sport for the Aboriginal Youth Across Canada!Hoops4Hope


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Cycle 5


  • Engage young people through sport
  • Initiate the Skills4Life programs in Aboriginal communities
  • Instill positive attitudes and behaviours in young people


The Hoops4Hope and Soccer4Hope Skills4Life programs were developed to help under-privillaged children in Africa learn skills that would help them grow-up to become productive adults that are a positive influence within their communities. We would like to run these Skills4Life programs here in Canada and help the Aboriginal youth of our country that need to be supported. The goal is to give young people skills they can use to better their lives and the communities they live in. We have implemented the programs up north in Kugaaruk, Nunavut, and we would like to duplicate and improve the programs in other communities, that deal with similar issues such as:

- 85% Unemployment rates 
- 95% Tobacco Smoking
- Highest Highschool Dropout Rates in Canada
- Highest Suicide Rates in Canada 

These issues occur from having a lack of activities for young people, S4H and H4H Provide not only sport but also Life Skills, Creating Freedom Through Sport.

Community Benefit

The great thing about Hoops4Hope and Soccer4Hope is that we train local young adults to become leaders and coaches in their communities. The program can now continue in this community and it benefits the coaches equally as much as the kids. Here are some Testimonials from some of the coaches we trained in Kugaaruk, Nunavut. -"It was wonderful, it was super exciting, helpful, it touch my heart big time! was so good to help the kids." - -"The soccer 4hope was so much fun ppl here get to have some experience of new skills get to meet new ppl which was great soccer coaches and i know alot of kids loved when you guys was here it was so great to see some kids doing some activitys here in kugaaruk it was like the best time of my soccer life to see some kids get to play here." - Nate Nartok

How will the $25K be used?

$ 11,000 Instructors
$ 6,000 Program Development
$ 5,000 Travel
$ 3,000 Accommodation & Meals

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